How to Evaluate Laser Marking Software

Provided the broad use of laser noting systems unique care is always offered to assessing the equipment, system requirements and also performance. Exactly what is frequently forgotten is the software that runs them.

If the equipment is the heart as well as the limbs of the system, the software is the mind. Simply put “If the brain doesn’t function, the body does not perform”. There is a myriad of laser software program features to consider. In this article I’ll try to no in on several of the most crucial elements to think about along with why one item might be a lot more attractive to you, based upon your individual needs or wants.

First of all, there are 2 fundamental sort of software that own laser marking systems. One is a print driver/post processor type that works extremely in a similar way to the chauffeur you carry your printer. The other is frequently referred to a “scripting” type where the noting program is created within the software application as well as introduced straight to the marker.

Machine control is defined as the versatility to quickly adjust lasing parameters such as electrical power, speed and regularity, interface with exterior I/O, interface with programmable axis drivers and also the capability to interact with databases as well as host networks. Machine control is about power as well as efficiency.

Interface leads to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or distinctly the feel and looks of the laser software program. It involves the aesthetic communication in between the operator and operating system. The devices included associate especially to the effectiveness of setting up plans and starting the marking cycle.

The best suggestions I can offer is to get a real time demo of the software where the salesperson reveals you some “canned” programs however after that allows you have some hands on time additionally. If a salesman is reluctant to show the software application this needs to regurgitate a red flag. Some crucial questions to ask during the demo include;

  • Is the software created by the laser vendor or a Third celebration and also that gives the assistance?
  • How excellent is the documentation for the software?
  • Can programs be produced offline at a remote place?
  • Can parts of the program be password shielded at various levels?
  • If programmable axis control is called for, the amount of axes can be set and is it minimal to particular electric motors or motor kinds?
  • What sort of visuals data layouts can be imported?
  • What barcodes are supports and also can they be modified and adjusted?
  • Are exclusive typefaces needed or can the software application approve typical True Type font styles?
  • What programs does the blog post cpu recognize if a print driver?
  • Does the program call for a dongle or software trick?
  • Demonstrate program growth in “ring setting”?
  • Does the software program allow the lasing specifications to be conserved with the work?
  • What os does the software application run within?

There are certainly various other factors to consider in your choice, however don’t discount the importance of the software program. The goal must constantly be to obtain the most from the laser system and also the software application as well as interface are secrets to conference that important goal.